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The Revolutionary War

Revolutionary War Soldiers and Patriots. More records will be added over time, so please check back with us frequently. Persons are listed by last name alphabetically.

William Alexander: Grave and Will

Image: William Alexander’s Grave.

Francis Antrican: Assorted Records
Seth Babb: Biography

Image: Seth Babb Cabin. Restored and Relocated to Fox Park / Greeneville-Greene County History Museum.

Conrad Barnhart: Assorted Records
Thomas Bell: Assorted Records
Johann Adam Bible and Sons: Biographies

Image: Bible Cemetery.

John Biggs: Assorted Documents
Amos Bird: Assorted Documents

Image: Amos Byrd Plaque.

John Bird: Assorted Facts
Edmund Boling: Will and Enlistment Records
John Bowman: Assorted Documents

Image: John Bowman Plaque.

Sparling Bowman: Biography

Image: Sparling Bowman’s Grave.

John Brabson: Family History
Thomas Brandon: Family History
Thomas Brotherton: Pension Application and Other Information
William Brotherton: Pension Application
William Brown: Pension Application
Lewis Broyles: Assorted Documents

Image: Broyles Family Cemetery.

Michael Broyles: Assorted Records
Brumley Family: Assorted Records
Jacob Bruner: Obituary
Thomas Bryant: Pension Application
Frederick Burket: Pension Application
Aaron Burleson: Assorted Documents
William Carr: Assorted Documents

Image: William Carr’s Grave.

Abraham Carter: Assorted Documents
Daniel Carter: Will
Jacob Carter: Assorted Files and Pension Application
John Carter: Will and Pension Application
William Chandley: Records
John Clinkenbeard: Records
The Conway Brothers: Assorted Information

Image: A gathering of Conway Descendants and Friends came to Greene County in April 2010 to celebrate the marking of the Grave of Joseph Conway,

Christopher Cooper: Biography and Pension

Image: Cooper Burial Ground

Stephen Copeland: Assorted Documents

Image: Stephen Copeland’s Grave.

James Courtney: Pension Application
Matthew Cox: Biography

Image: Kidwell’s Cemetery (Matthew Cox’s Grave-site).

Samuel Craig: Assorted Documents
Daniel Creamer: Assorted Documents
John Crockett: Biography

Image: Crockett Tavern.

Robert Crockett: Assorted Documents
Uriel Crosby: Records and Grave

Image: Uriel Crosby’s grave.

Richard Cureton: Assorted Documents
Frederick Cutshall
Thomas Davis: Revolutionary War Pension Application
James Dawson: Pension Application
Benjamin Dillard: Revolutionary War Pension Application
Dinwiddie/Dunwoody: James, Samuel, William
Samuel Doak: Biography

Image: Samuel Doak House.

John Dodson: Assorted Documents
Stockley Donelson: Assorted Documents
Azariah Doty: Revolutionary War Pension Application
Daniel Dunikin: Revolutionary War Pension Application
Anthony Dunkin: Revolutionary War Pension and Other Information
Joseph Dunlap: Revolutionary War Pension
Charles Dyche: Revolutionary War Pension
Henry Earnest Senior and Reverend Felix Earnest: Assorted Information

Image: Earnest Family Descendents Tour Fort House

Johann George Easterly: Assorted Documents
Michael Edleman: Revolutionary War Pension and Other Information
Frederick Emert: Assorted Information

Image: Frederick Emert’s Grave.

James English: Assorted Documents
Gilbert Evans: Assorted Documents
Jonathan Evans: Assorted Documents
John Falls: Assorted Information

Image: John and Sarah Falls Grave Site.

Peter Fine: Assorted Documents

Image: Peter Fine’s Grave.

Peter Finn: Assorted Documents

Image: Peter Finn’s Grave.

George Fant/Fann: Revolutionary War Pension and Other Information
Henry Farnsworth: Assorted Documents
Adam Fox: Assorted Documents
Andrew Fox: Biography and Will
Jessee Gammon: Pension Application
Nathan Gann: Pension Application
John Gass: Assorted Documents

Image: John Gass’ Grave

Yost George: Will

Image: Yost George’s Grave

George Gillespie and Sons Allen and Thomas: Assorted Documents

Image: Gillespie Stone House Historical Marker

Benjamin Gist & Sons Joseph and Thomas: Assorted Documents
Nathaniel Gist: Assorted Documents
Benjamin Goodin: Assorted Documents
Robert Gragg: Biography and Will
Samuel Gragg: Land Grant

Image: Samuel Gragg’s Grave

Henry Haggard: Assorted Documents
Phillip Smith Hale: Assorted Documents
William and Andrew Hannah: Assorted Documents

Image: Andrew Hannah’s Grave

Charles Harmon: Biography
John Harmon: Revolutionary War Pension Application

Image: John Harmon’s Grave

Dennis Harty: Assorted Documents
Samuel Hawkins: Assorted Documents
John Hays: Assorted Documents
William Hendry: Assorted Documents

Image: William Hendry Locust Grove Cabin

Thomas Hill: Pension Application
Jacob Hise: Assorted Documents
Joseph Hixson: Assorted Documents